Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes and not a disease. However, in some cases there is an increased risk for the mother and the child.

Prenatal examinations help to identify a large part of the risks in good time and enable us to respond accordingly. The prerequisite for this is, however, your participation in the regular check-ups.

As part of the pregnancy, we offer the following services in our gynecological private practice in Berlin Zehlendorf:

  • Antenatal care
  • Monitoring of risk pregnancies
  • Multiple Births consultation
  • Pregnancy after transplants
  • Infections during pregnancy
  • Premature labor activity
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy in case of maternal diseases
  • Ultrasound examinations

The check-ups

Prenatal care is carried out according to the current maternity guidelines:

Legally regulated examinations (Maternity guidelines)

  • Regular check-up at the gynecologist or the midwife: weight control, urine examination, blood pressure measurement, examination for edema / varices
  • Determination of blood group and Rhesus factor
  • Hemoglobin determination
  • Antibody Search (twice)
  • Lues-Suchreaktion (LSR)
  • Rubella HI test
  • Hepatitis B (HbsAG determination)
  • Chlamydia detection
  • 3 ultrasound examinations (screening)

In addition, we will perform the following checks at every check-up:

  • Position of the unborn child
  • Heartbeats of the unborn child,
  • Measurement of the waist circumference,
  • Check of the growth of the uterus and
  • if necessary, a vaginal examination.

Consultation regarding

  • Lifestyle during pregnancy,
  • Nutrition during pregnancy,
  • Preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding,
  • Choice of birthplace,
  • and care in childbed,
  • legal regulations and financial assistance,
  • as well as assistance in labor and insurance law issues within the framework of the Maternity Protection Act

is also part of our pregnancy care spectrum.

If necessary, we can discuss further examinations with you.

Examination intervals

The check-ups should be carried out every 4 weeks during normal pregnancy, and every 2 weeks in the last two months of pregnancy. In the event of deviations from the normal course of pregnancy, examinations may be necessary more frequently.

Exceeding the calculated date of birth will result in frequent check (every 2 days).

"Pregnancy Passport"

The "Pregnancy Passport" is given to every pregnant woman in Germany at the beginning of the pregnancy by your gynecologist or your midwife (at the latest after the 2nd check-up). It offers a quick and precise overview of all important data and results (findings) of your pregnancy.

The document is used to record the check-ups, provides information on the results of maternity screening tests, such as blood group, Rhesus factor, rubella titres as well as on further diagnostics (e.g. ultrasound, CTG).

The birth certificate and the course of the puerperium as well as the examination findings of the newborn are also documented in the pregnancy passport.

In the case of patients who have already had children, the Pregnancy Passport serves as a document for subsequent pregnancies and previous courses of birth. And remember, if you later have a question about your blood type, e.g. for an upcoming surgery, you can always present your pregnancy passport as a document.

Prenatal Diagnosis

In early pregnancy, we offer detailed advice on prenatal diagnosis.

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