Methods of contraception

The table below gives an overview of the safety of different contraceptive methods. The Pearl Index describes the number of unwanted pregnancies if 100 women use this particular method over the course of 12 months - the "failure rate".

Example: 100 women use a certain method of contraception for one year. On average, two women become pregnant during this time. Then the Pearl Index for this contraceptive method is 2.

Young people, in particular, are more likely to be malpracticing than older people; due to a lack of experience. The more correctly you use a contraceptive, the better the protection. Each person is also an individual and can respond differently to the methods. The numbers are therefore only indicative. A medical consultation is recommended.

Many anti-epileptic drugs and some antibiotics affect the safety of hormonal contraceptives because they accelerate the breakdown of hormones in the liver. Women should use additional non-hormonal contraceptives as long as they are taking this type of medication.

Contraceptive methods and their safety levels

Contraceptive methods How to prevent? Pearl Index
Sterilization Woman Operative 0.1
Copper Chain Mechanical 0.1 - 0.3
Pill Hormonal with estrogen 0.1 - 0.9
Contraceptive sticks Hormonal without estrogen Not specified yet
New Mini Pill Hormonal with Desogestrel 0.14 - 0.4
Hormone Spiral Hormonal Without Estrogen 0.16
Sterilization Man (Vasectomy) Operative 0.25
3-month contraceptive injection Hormonal without estrogen 0.3 - 1.4
Vaginal ring Hormonal with estrogen 0.4 - 0.65
Mini Pill Hormonal with levonorgestrel 0.5 - 3
Contraceptive patch Hormonal with estrogen 0.72 - 0.9
Basal body temperature method Natural 0.8 - 3
Contraception spiral Mechanical 0.9 - 3
Pessary Mechanical 1 - 20
Lea Contraceptivum Mechanical 2 - 3
Condom Men Mechanical 2 - 12
Suppositories, ointments, gels Chemical 3 - 21
Coitus Interruptus Natural 4 - 18
Cervical Mucus Method (Billings Ovulation Method) Natural 5
Contraceptive sponge Mechanical 5 - 10
Femidom (Female condom) Mechanical 5 - 25
Cervical cap Mechanical 6
Vaginal Contraceptive Films Chemical 6
Calendar Method Natural 9
Morning-after pill Hormonal 16 (if taken within 72 hours)
No contraception - 85

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